First Congregational Church Council Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Present: Sara Ryerson, Kipp Hendricks, John Gray, Jenny Streit, Trudy Medendorp, Kathryn Gooding, Rev. Eric Fistler, Rev. Emily Davis.

  1. Sara called the meeting to order at 7:01 pm.  

  2. Jenny opened with a devotion.

  3. Trudy made a motion for approval of 9-11-18 Minutes, Kathryn seconded. Motion carried.

  4. Financial Report--John 33% of year has passed, we’re at 31% on expenditures, a good place to be. Some questions about 02 and 03 accounts, for example music, which can appear complicated. Sara will invite Ann to give an overview of music’s pass through and endowment accounts at next meeting to help give Council insight into financial detail.

  5. Chairperson’s Report – Sara

    1. Town Hall went smoothly, was recorded and is available on the website. No one attended the repeated Town Hall Wednesday night. Will likely not offer an alternative to a Sunday meeting again, especially since recorded content is online.

    2. Next Town Hall December 2, 10:15 am. Following one will be Feb 24.

  6. Staff Report-- Emily

    1. Her ten year continuing education plan recently had her at United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas September 26-28 for training through Leadership Institute. Topics included leading small groups, preaching and using data to aid stewardship.

    2. In light of our conversations about FCC’s purpose and mission, Emily shared that Church of the Resurrection is focusing on the unchurched and “used to be” churched.

    3. There are a few spots open (out of 24) for the Advent Devotional. Emily passed out guidelines and encouraged us to use her as a resource.

  7. Staff Report--Eric

    1. He was away at Appalachian Service Project in Jonesville, VA last week. This included 18 FCC members, two people from Faith Lutheran in Iowa, and four from Resurrection Catholic Church in Woodstock. They accomplished 4 major projects  throughout Lee County. We will hear testimonials at ASP Sunday on Oct 21.

    2. Jazz Sunday will be Oct 28.

    3. Eric will be taking a “Reading Retreat” off site next week to catch up with reading that has been accumulating and to do some focused thinking and planning.

    4. Based on usher counts, attendance is down compared with last year. Pledging is not. Perhaps streaming (views up to 80/week) is replacing some on-site attendance. College students and shut-ins are consistent streamers.

    5. Membership actuals have been compiled following contact with non-active people on our roster (see previous minutes). FCC is comprised of 370 families with a total of 870 individual members. Prior roster numbered 1400 individuals. The plan is to update the roster every 6 months so we understand our size and scope.

    6. As in 2016, we will have Election Reflection Time offered in the chapel Tuesday November 6 from 6 am - 7 pm and Wednesday November 7 from 9 am - 7pm. This is time to listen and pray in the midst of the energy of the election. It will be advertised on social media and open to the public.

    7. We have received the structural engineer’s report. Eric and Walter Mason (Facilities Chair) are in the process of digesting it and more information will be available soon.

    8. Wednesday evening Bible study has been poorly attended (3-4), Eric will finish this series on James. There are plans for new offerings in both Advent and Lent. The closure of one program opens opportunity for the next.

  8. Other--Policy on Dual Relationships

    1. Sara discussed our new policy. A dual relationship is one where in addition to a spiritual relationship there is also a business/professional or social relationship. We want to continue opportunities for members to share their gifts but desire to minimize the potential for conflict.

    2. Conversed about the difference between a contracted good or service and a time limited “one off” event like providing music during worship. Talked about the importance of performance standards and routine reviews. Discussed applying this policy going forward and grandfathering in current dual relationships.

    3. Jenny motioned to accept the Dual Relationship Policy as written, Kipp seconded. Motion carried.

Faith Statement

Revisited discussion of Love God Love Others Love Yourself and our intention to have that focus and purpose drive our decisions and actions. We are generally able to articulate how we love others. We are less versed in loving ourselves and often downright uncomfortable in expressing how we love God. Eric will email specific questions to help us derive our own responses in preparation for the next Council meeting.

9. Eric gave a closing devotion.

10. Jenny made a motion to adjourn, Kipp seconded. Motion carried. Adjournment 8:44 pm.

Faithfully submitted,  

Kathryn Gooding, Church clerk