Church Council

Restructure presentation from the Town Hall Meeting on April 29, 2018:


As our church is planning to modify the Council structure to work more efficiently, the process of nominating new council members will look slightly different this year due to the transition.  Assuming the required two-thirds majority votes to approve the new plan at the June 10 Annual Meeting, a slate of Council Member candidates will then be presented for approval in addition to the usual slate of Council Officers, Ministries, and Delegates to the Fox Valley Association and the Illinois Conference of the United Church of Christ.

The Council Restructure Task Force has worked hard on the proposal and will be presenting it at the Town Hall Meeting on April 29 and to the Church Council on May 8, including the qualifications and expectations related to the the new Council Member position. Interested members are encouraged to fill out a self-nomination form to fully outline their interest and previous FCC involvement.  This form can be found in the church office or filled out below and is due to Lisa Solarz or Sara Ryerson by Tuesday, May 15. At that time, the Executive Committee of the Council will review the applications and two members will arrange to meet with applicants.

A special Church Council meeting will be held on Tuesday May 22 to prepare a slate of Council nominees to be recommended to the congregation at the June 10 Annual Meeting.  Similar to the current process, after this year the Council and Ministries will continue to review potential members and present a slate at the Annual Meeting.


Expectations of FCC Church Council Members:

  • Commitment to focus and functions of Church Council
  • Be visible and available to membership
  • Commitment to represent the full membership and ministries of FCC
  • Attend monthly Council meetings, semi-annual Council retreats, quarterly town halls and ad hoc meetings as necessary
  • Attend worship at least twice a month
  • Financially pledge to FCC

Application for FCC Church Council Membership
Submit by May 15, 2018

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