First Congregational Church Council Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Present: Sara Ryerson, Kipp Hendricks, John Gray, Jenny Streit, Trudy Medendorp, Kathryn Gooding, Rev. Eric Fistler, Jim Trotter, Lisa Solarz, Emily Davis

Guests: Chris Jankowski, Boy Scout Troop 168 Leader & Nathan Jankowski, scout

  1. Sara opened the meeting at 7:02 pm

  2. Guests Chris and Nathan Jankowski were introduced. Nathan presented his Eagle Scout project: to replace the fence around the FCC dumpster. The treated wood will be replaced, the metal will be reused and he will add straps to prevent the fence posts from scraping the pavement. Completion by August 2019. Brief Q & A then Nathan and Chris departed.

  3. Jenny motioned that we approve Nathan’s project. Jim seconded. Motion carried.

  4. Eric shared two passages, one from Isaiah 43 (making a passage in the wilderness) and in honor of Lincoln’s birthday, an excerpt from his inaugural address (“God will see us through.”). As noted, it is uncomfortable to be called into the wilderness.

  5. Trudy motioned for approval of January 10 and February 3, 2019 meeting minutes. Kipp seconded. Motion carried.

  6. Ministry Vision Update

    1. Emily presented context: Where are we now? Who are we now? What does it mean?

    2. She laid out our challenges and blessings

    3. Eric discussed

      1. Our purpose: To live into the Kingdom of God: loving God, loving others, loving self

      2. Our mission: To grow a Christian community where all are welcome to encounter, engage, demonstrate, and proclaim the Gospel of jesus Christ.

      3. Our strategy: To become a learning church, by providing environments and opportunities for people to build competency, find belonging, and become believers, on the journey toward transformation.

    4. He proposed 5 year outcomes by which we might measure success  

    5. How reimagining our facility can help us on our journey to transformation Encounter -> Engage -> Demonstrate ->Proclaim

  7. Financial Report--John

    1. January represents 8/12ths of the budget year or 66%. We are at 68% of revenue and 66% of expenditures.  

    2. Revenue remains down from the historical YTD results. Historically pledges fall behind in February & March. To address this, we e/mailed year end statements out just recently and will repeat in March for those pledges that are “past due.”

  8. Chairperson Report -- Sara

    1. Discernment meetings at 12:15 pm on 2/17, 2/24 & 3/3; Sara has a list of which Council members will be attending. Our role will be to take notes and capture the texture of the small group discussions.

    2. FAQs need to be started and added to as we proceed.

    3. Online surveys have gone out from April’s personal email so she directly receives the data. She will run interim reports if requested. 15 surveys have been received.

    4. All Ministries Meeting - February 19 @ 7pm. Sara encourages us to attend if possible. Council members are requesting intentionality and specific deployment to ministry meetings.

    5. Town Hall Feb 24 between services.

    6. Homework for March Council meeting: please review the bylaws. This is an annual review.

  9. Staff Reports

    a. Discussed having future staff reports in writing with time scheduled for discussion as needed

- Emily

b. JF Retreat in Dixon Valley was great. Had 14 teens.

- Eric

c. Difficult weekend with 3 funerals, some personal losses.

10. Closing Devotion and Prayer - Sara read an excerpt from One Man’s Meat by E.B. White and closed with a prayer.

11. Kathryn motioned to adjourn, Jenny seconded. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned 9:15 pm.

Faithfully submitted,

Kathryn Gooding, Church Clerk