First Congregational Church Council Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Present: Sara Ryerson, Kipp Hendricks, John Gray, Jenny Streit, Trudy Medendorp, Kathryn Gooding, Rev. Eric Fistler, Rev. Emily Davis, Jim Trotter, Lisa Solarz, Walter Mason, David Schultz.

  1. Kipp called the meeting to order at 5:36 pm.  

  2. Eric opened with a prayer of Thanksgiving and for open hearts and minds.

  3. Prepared for meeting with David Schultz of David Schultz Associates, specializing in church “re-tasking” with 32 years experience on over 400 projects in 5 states and 3 countries.

  4. David arrived at 5:56 and gave an overview of DSA’s process and responded to questions.

    1. His expertise is to shape the building around ministry.

    2. DSA has worked on five projects in Crystal Lake (including First Church) and all passed because code/city officials were included in the entire process.

    3. It is key to establish the need, communicate leadership’s vision for the church and the limitations of the building, and communicate the process.

    4. Clients have different ministries; David mentioned after school tutoring, anti-trafficking programs, legal aid, ESL, food pantry, refuge ministries, coffee shop, car repair bays, and computer classes. FCC needs to define and describe our ministries (fruit in his example) and DSA will design a building to support it (shrink wrap around the fruit).

    5. Based on needs assessment, DSA will design options for multiple budgets

    6. DSA is not the contractor, but will work as our advocate during construction

  5. David left and discussion continued. Decided we needed more information:.

    1. Lisa will call City of CL and Walt to determine availability of CAD materials (#8 & #9 in Additional Services of DSA proposal).

    2. Lisa will check by-laws regarding dollar threshold beyond which Council needs congregation approval for engaging work.

    3. Lisa and Kathryn will call reference churches David gave us and report back.

  6. Discussed desire for David to reconfigure the proposal and include 8 & 9 (CAD documentation) & 10 (destructive investigations) that are currently listed as additional (not included) services. Will delay this request until we gather information (#5 above).

  7. Meeting adjourned 8:25 pm.

Faithfully submitted,

Kathryn Gooding Church Clerk