Kelli Wegener

Financial Administrator


Fun Facts About Kelli


My favorite things to play:

Playing board games with my family, softball, gardening and working in the yard, reading. I also love to sing!

My favorite movies/shows:

House of Cards, The Good Wife, Scandal, The Goldbergs, and Sixteen Candles


High School- Dunlap High School, College - Illinois State University, MBA- DePaul University


I married Phil in 2000 (we will never forget how many years we have been married) Haley- 14, Mason- 11, and Braden - 8.

Favorite Verse:

Mark 12:3; The second is this, "You shall love your neighbor as yourself".

Favorite Foods:

Chocolate, Chicago Style Pepperoni Pizza and Corn on the cob (fresh off the farm only).

Favorite Artists:

Adele, Karen Carpenter, Journey, anything with a good harmony