Stewardship Moment

For more than 175 years, First Congregational Church of Crystal Lake has provided its members shelter from the noise of the world. Through the celebration of song and the
silence of prayer, we have created a community that is a constant source of support and encouragement. We have helped each other find stillness so we are aware of God’s presence in our lives. We ask each other:


What has God called you to do, and how can we help you answer the call?

  • Worship – We are called to gather, celebrate and praise
  • Ministry to Membership – We are called to support and LOVE
  • Outreach – We are called to give using our gifts, time and talents to others.
  • Education – We are called to teach all ages, no matter where they are on their faith journey
  • Administration – We are called to connect and lead
  • Facility  - We are called to welcome

We celebrate our accomplishments, and dream of new ways to serve our community and each other. Join us in the journey to answer God’s call. Consider how the ministry of our church has and will continue to affect your faith as you fill out your pledge form.

For more information about the six areas of ministry and our stewardship goals, pick up a Narrative Budget in the church office. To view the videos that were shown at the Church Gala, click on them below.

Please return the pledge forms to FCC TODAY. Click HERE to pledge.